All scans

Click on the All scans tab to look through all available scans and choose the scans you would most like to view.

All scans tab consists of:

  • Filter scans by order of severity: all, green - normal retina, yellow - moderate concern, red - high concern

  • Sorting dropdown: High-Low and Low-High or in Order

  • Favorites (scans)

  • All examination scans

  • Scans numeration

  • Scan zoom icon (user can review a particular scan in its original size)


       * All names included in this User Manual are not real and are for demonstration purposes only

You can see all scans of the entire examination marked by severities and quickly select the required scans.

There is an option to filter scans by specific severity or sort them from High-Low and Low-High. 

You can zoom in on a specific scan, using the convenient format for viewing all scans and filtering by order or severity.