General software description

Altris AI is a cloud, AI-powered clinical decision support system to assist Eye Care Practitioners (ECPs) with OCT interpretation and decision-making. The system neither performs any interpretations nor provides treatment recommendations and is intended to be used as a support tool to aid in pathology differentiation and diagnosis.


Altris AI detects more than 70 different retina conditions, calculates the thickness of the layers, segments 10 retinal layers, calculates areas and volumes from annotated images as well as supports different quantitative follow-up examinations for detected biomarkers.


Altris AI analyses the central sector of the retina and does not provide optic nerve analysis.

The advantages of Altris AI for users:

  • Altris AI is intended for use by healthcare professionals to import, store, manage, display, analyze and measure data from ophthalmic diagnostic instruments, including patient data, diagnostic data, clinical images and information, reports, and measurement of DICOM-compliant images (platform supports DICOM format files and Images of jpg, png, bmp, tiff formats).

  • Altris AI solution does not affect the scanning process in any way and neural network analysis may be used on existing examination scans. The system analyzes all scans from entire examination (up to 512 pieces). You can focus on one particular scan and/or see all the scans at a glance. 

  • You will not need to re-run the analysis to detect pathologies one by one, because the solution detects all available signs, if any, simultaneously in a one-time analysis. 

  • Altris AI is standalone, browser-based software, available for all internet browsers, no additional hardware is required. 

  • Altris AI can be built into OCT devices and/or EMR software interfaces.

  • The working environment is server-based through AWS Amazon.

Altris AI provides: 

  • Single scan analysis 

  • All scans overview / Both eyes / Progression / Comparison 

  • Segmentation / Classification 

  • Option to add patients and examinations 

  • Option to add / remove team members 

  • Editing clinical data 

  • Reporting

  • AI OCT Screening 

  • Severe scans selection 

  • Retina layers segmentation with AI 

  • Storing results in Altris secure cloud 

  • Retina layers thickness calculation with AI 

  • Both eyes analysis (thickness) 

  • Comparison analysis (thickness) 

  • Progression analysis (thickness) 

  • Pathology area calculation 

  • Pathology X, Y measurements 

  • 3D model view 

  • Pathology volume calculation 

  • Pathology X, Y, Z measurements 

  • Comparison analysis (area, volume) 

  • Progression analysis (area, volume) 

  • Examinations for AI SCREENING, AI layers Segmentation 

  • Examination analysis for AI pathology Segmentation / Classification 

Altris AI uses 4 models for OCT analysis

  • Severity scans classification – Green, Yellow, and Red;

  • Scan Quality classification;

  • Retina Layers segmentation and thickness calculation;

  • Pathologies segmentation and classification as well as area and volume calculation.