What is Altris AI platform?

Altris AI is a cloud-based, Artificial Intelligence powered clinical decision support system to help eye care professionals with OCT interpretation. Altris AI can segment the retina into 10 layers and calculates retina thickness maps, detect more than 70 different retina conditions, can calculate areas and volumes as well as supports different quantitative follow-up examinations for detected biomarkers.

How does the AI algorithm work?

Altris AI can upload and analyse 128 OCT b-scans in around a minute and will detect more than 70 retina conditions.


Chorioretinal scar
Confluent drusen
Cotton wool spot
Diffuse edema
Disorganization of inner retinal layers
Double layer sign
Ellipsoid zone disruption
Ellipsoid zone focal defect
Epiretinal fibrosis
Fibrovascular RPE detachment
Focal hyperreflectivity
Full thickness macular hole
Hard drusen
Hard exudates
Hyperreflectivity of the neurosensory retina
Intraretinal cystoid fluid
Intraretinal hyperreflective foci
Lamellar macular hole
Neurosensory retina atrophy
Neurosensory retina detachment
Outer retina tubulations
Posterior hyaloid membrane detachment
Reticular pseudodrusen
Retinal wrinkling
RPE atrophy
RPE disruption
RPE elevation
RPE hyperreflectivity
Serous RPE detachment
Soft drusen
Subretinal fluid
Subretinal hyperreflective material (SHRM)
Subretinal hyperreflectivity
Subretinal space
Vitelliform material
Vitreoretinal traction


Central retinal artery occlusion
Central retinal vein occlusion
Central serous chorioretinopathy
Choroidal neovascularization
Choroidal nevus
Choroidal rupture
Cystoid macular edema
Degenerative myopia
Diabetic macular edema
Diabetic retinopathy
Epiretinal fibrosis
Full-thickness macular hole
Geographic atrophy
Intraretinal hemorrhage
Lamellar macular hole
Macular degeneration
Macular telangiectasia type 2
Pigment epithelium detachment
Polypoidal choroidal vasculopathy
Preretinal hemorrhage
Retinal detachment
Solar maculopathy
Sub-RPE hemorrhage
Subretinal hemorrhage
Vitelliform dystrophy
Vitreo-macular traction syndrome

As a first step the system receives OCT examination, analyses each OCT b-scan and classify according to different levels of concern (Green, Yellow or Red) as well as segments each retina layer and calculates retinal thickness maps. As a second step the system analyses OCT scans and segments different areas of interest (pathological areas) and classifies detected pathologies. Below is a comprehensive list of the pathologies that the system can detect:

Where is the data stored and how safe is it?

Altris AI models are CE-Marked medical devices according to the Medical Devices Directive 93/42/EEC. Altris AI models are CE-Marked since July 2019. Altris Inc is certified according to ISO13485 Medical Devices Quality Management System.
Altris believes that the client’s data security is the highest priority not only because we process mostly medical data and it is required by law, but also because respecting privacy is pre-built by default in all internal Company processes and policies. Altris encrypts data at rest and in transit via HTTPS protocols and PostgreDB instruments. All Altris software products are GDPR compliant which means data is treated at the highest privacy standards and each user can rest assured that while enjoying Altris SaaS, its privacy rights are protected by all existing means.

Does it work with my OCT device?

Altris AI works with any OCT macular examination in DICOM and non-DICOM format like jpg, png, bmp, and tiff. The system works with Spectral Domain OCT examinations.

How does Altris works with data?

Altris uses SuperAnnotate software for data annotation. Altris works with legally owned preliminary selected data only. Each OCT scan is annotated manually by an experienced Retina Expert. Altris does not outsource data annotation as well as we do not use annotated open-source data. Each annotated OCT scan was reviewed by 2 Retina Experts before completion (QA and Supervisor).

Altris AI trains its data on Optopol, Topcon, Nidek, Canon, Huvitz, Heidelberg engineering

Can I upgrade after I have subscribed?

You can upgrade your subscription package at any time either through the platform by clicking on the top left icon homepage and then on the subscriptions. Upgrading from BASIC to PRO subscription can be done through the website. If you feel your business would benefit from a custom package then please contact us at [email protected] to discuss options or to ask any questions

Is the Platform being updated and improved regularly?

Altris Inc has implemented top tier continuous Machine Learning process and Altris Machine Learning team tracks performance of each version of the model and in collaboration with Medical team improve Altris AI algorithms regularly aiming of higher level of performance and accuracy. Moreover, Altris Software Development team improves the system almost every two weeks adding new features and capabilities. Also the Software Development Team work with users to continuously improve and expand functionality and usability.