In this video, we are going to do a quick settings walkthrough of the Altris AI platform.

You can access the settings screen from the home dashboard or from your account here in the upper right corner
Settings consist of:

  • Profile
  • Subscriptions
  • Team Members
  • Contact us
  • Documentation
  • Join Altris Education
  • Settings
  • Onboarding

My information:
You can personalize your account by adding a picture and updating your profession/specialization, this is where your name, surname, and email are given, as well as the country where you are based. And don’t forget to click the "Save Changes" button in case you updated these fields.
In Report Settings you can upload a picture of your clinic, and enter your clinic name, and email.
And in case you want to change your password click Change Password: enter your previous password > your new password > repeat a password > update my password button.
Account's data - this is where you can create a copy of the content from your Altris AI account.
Let’s move further.

These are the Subscription plans
You are offered Standard and Pro plans, with the following available examinations per plan, from 25 to 250 examinations per month. Each of the plans includes 5 trial days. Also, there's an Enterprise subscription plan available for larger individual clinics and multiple sites businesses where it's possible to tailor your package to fit your clinical and business needs. Generally, you can select the best-fitting plan and upgrade it when your needs are growing.

Each plan contains the subscription details: name of the plan, how many days and examinations are left, and some information about the next payment.

Here is the switcher between the monthly and annual bill modules. If you click over here you can find all retina conditions that Altris AI detects.
These are the services included or not included in subscriptions.

Team members
Team members tab lets you add your fellow doctor to the list. To invite a doctor, just click on the 'Invite Doctor' button and fill in the form. Once you've filled in the fields and clicked on the 'send invitation' button here, the doctor will get an e-mail invitation to join your team at Altris AI.

Contact us 
You can easily contact us by filling in this form – add your first name, email, and over here (in your message) describe a problem you have. A screenshot can be added to explain the issues you are facing.  After entering the information, click the Send the Form button. Altris AI support team will contact you ASAP.

If you click the Documentation, you will be redirected to the Altris AI Knowledge Center, where you can find all the tutorials, detailed software descriptions, FAQs, etc.
Join Altris Education
From here you can Join Altris Education which is a free mobile app for OCT education interpretation and community for eye care specialists.

Over here you can either switch off or on the Referral score available for you in the Segmentation/Classification tab. You can also swith the showing all team patients button. Same options are available for showing hints, and pathology description. In case you need to change the time format — just click on the button and choose the format that suits you best. Once you make your adjustments, click on the 'Save settings' button here.
From here you can complete the onboarding tour fully again, or look through some specific functionality.