Configure Dicom Exports


The recommended settings for macula scan are:

Retina 3D, horizontal b-scans (no fundus image should be exported with b-scans)

Retinal area of interest – 6-7-8 mm (no wide scans!)

Scan Width - 1024

Scan Height - 944

Altris AI analyses the central sector of the retina and does not provide optic nerve analysis

For more accurate results, we kindly ask you to select 6 or 7мм zone (please do not export wide scans up to 12mm).


Navis-Ex needs to be version 1.11 or above

A folder needs to be created on the system for the files to be exported.

Create a folder on the desktop called ‘Dicom Images’ and make the customer aware of this folder.

Step 1

Login to Navis-EX

Step 2

Select “Setup” from the menu bar at the top of the screen

Step 3

Select “Setting” from the drop-down list

Step 4

Select the “Link” tab

Step 5

Click the box “Link up with the external system”

Step 6

Click on DICOM

Step 7

Click on “Setup”

Step 8

In the box “AE Title” enter NIDEK OCT

Step 9

In the box ‘Station name’ enter the hostname of the PC being used e.g. RSD-CAPTURE001. 

Step 10

In the box, “Institution Name” enter the store name and location.

Step 11

In the box “Institution Id” enter the ODS code if referring to the NHS. If not available leave it blank.

Step 12

Using the arrows move to and click on the tab “Image Storage

Step 13

Click on “Store Images”

Step 14

Click on “Select DICOM File Output Destination”

Step 15

Click on the folder icon

Step 16

Select the folder you created in pre-requisites ‘DICOM Images’.

Step 17

Click OK and the mapped drive will be shown in the “Destination folder” window.

Step 18

Click OK

Step 19

Click OK on the next screen

Step 20

Select a patient from the patient list

Step 21

Select and display any OCT scan (not fundus image) for the patient

Step 22

Select “Setup” again from the menu bar at the top of the screen

Step 23

Select “RSViewer Property” from the dropdown list

Step 24

Click on the “Link” tab

Step 25

Within the DICOM box click on OCT.

Step 26

Click OK

Step 27

Return to the patient list.

Note: This configuration process only needs to be performed once.

Exporting an OCT in DICOM format:

Step 1

Select a patient from the patient list

Step 2

Select and open an OCT scan

Step 3

Select the “Overall” tab

Step 4

Select the “Send data to other systems” icon  

Step 5

A DICOM file of the scan will be present in the “Dicom Images” folder