Introduction for Optometry Centers

What is Altris AI (Artificial Intelligence) for OCT analysis?


Altris AI is a platform for the analysis of retinal OCT scans utilizing Artificial Intelligence to detect and monitor any changes on your central retina which is the most important area for your vision.

Altris AI can help us detect whether you have a healthy eye which is always the first thing we are looking for but it will help to detect the small changes that may occur and help us to react to any changes as early as possible.

How does Altris AI help you assess my retina?

  1. The platform can assess the retinal layers on the OCT scan and detect and measure accurately over 70 pathologies and signs of pathology, including Age-related Macular Degeneration and Glaucoma.
  2. Very early and very minor signs (often invisible to the human eye) can be detected with the help of AI. Detecting very early and very minor signs and tracking them over time helps us to make sure that you receive the best information about what is happening in your eye and the most accurate advice and treatment options.
  3. The Altris AI platform visualizes what is going on with the retina with the help of color coding. This means that every potential change on the OCT scan will be displayed in a different color and this can be helpful for you to be able to understand what is going on with your retina. Any areas of concern can be tracked over time and measured to see if there is any change occurring and the speed of this change which can help us with the diagnosis and treatment options.

  1. As any innovative tool, Altris AI partially automates some routine tasks so we in our clinic have more time for what is important: talking to you explaining more about your eye health, and providing treatment advice.


Altris AI is a tool that was created by a team of practicing retina specialists and is used by many clinics and optometry centers around the world.