Pathologies Detection (old name Segmentation/Classification)

In this tutorial, we will talk about Segmentation/Classification tab.
From this tab you can:

  • Review the pathologies detected and visualized by the AI algorithm   
  • Highlight specific areas with pathologies

Here are the main components of the Segmentation/Classification tab:

  • Referral Urgency Score (from no referral to urgent one accordingly)
  • Segmentations. You can highlight segmented areas, all at once or some specific areas.
  • Opacity of visualised areas  
  • Classification
  • Quality of scan [N/A - 10]
  • Severity type [green - normal retina, yellow - moderate concern, red - high concern]
  • Scan number
  • You can add a scan to Favorites from here
  • Scan with visualized Pathologies
  • Scan zoom icon (so that you can review the scan in its bigger size) and zoom some particular areas
  • "Add to report" button with the help of which you add this segmented and classified scan to your report
  • "Review other scans" button to choose scans from the ‘All scans’ tab.

By default you see the last scan clicked on the severity detection map from the Single Scan tab.
If you would like to segment and classify other scans you can click "Review other scans" button and select a particular scan from all scans.