Quick start guide

In this video, you will find simple steps on how to start using the Altris AI platform.

Step 1. Select the subscription plan.
Altris AI offers Standard, Pro, and Enterprise subscriptions.
Once you have selected the appropriate subscription plan, go to the main page to create a patient and upload an examination.

Step 2. Add patients.
Press the “Add new patient” button and the corresponding pop-up appears. Fill in the information and click add patient button. The created patient will appear in your Patient list.

Step 3. Add examinations.
Press the “Add new examination” button to upload the OCT scan.
You can either upload a DICOM file, and this data will be automatically added to the card.
Or you can upload an Image or a bunch of images at once and fill in some information on this card. Click the button "Add examination".
BTW, you can upload the examination directly to the patient's card on the previous step.

Altris AI supports DICOM files or Images (jpg, png, bmp, and tiff).

It's possible to upload Horizontal 3D macula scanning patterns up to 512 b-scans, but a single scan might be also added.

Uploading and assessment of the scan by the AI algorithm take around 1 minute for an average macula scan.

Step 4. Click on the examination and start to analyze it.
Once the scan is uploaded, click on the examination from the examination list and analyze your scans with the help of the Altris AI platform.