How to create new patient / examination from DICOM file

In this tutorial, I would like to show the easiest way of adding a patient and uploading an examination to the platform just in a few clicks.
Okay, let's click on the button "+Add new patient". So, instead of filling in a bunch of information to this card, you can simply just tick over here and add a new patient by uploading a DICOM file. Patient details and examination by themselves will be pulled from that DICOM file.

So, select a DICOM file from your computer, and to finish click the button "add patient and examination". In the Patient List above appears new patient with an automatically generated patient ID, patient name, birthday, etc., and from the right-hand side in the examination list, we can see the added examination that we have just uploaded.
So, just like that in a few clicks, we created a new patient and uploaded an examination using the DICOM file.

Pretty much, in the same way, you can easily upload an examination. Click "+Add new examination" button, you can either select the patient ID and upload your data over here. But in case, you realised at this step that the necessary patient hasn't been added yet, you do not have to go back to add a patient, you can quickly do it from here simultaneously uploading the examination and creating a new patient by ticking it over here. Okay, so just select the necessary file on your computer and click "add examination". Okay, we can see the uploaded examination and, of course, created patient over here.