Heidelberg Engineering Spectralis

How to Export DICOM from HEYEX 2


The recommended settings for macula scan are

  • Retina 3D, horizontal b-scans (no fundus image should be exported with b-scans)

  • Retinal area of interest – 6-7-8 mm (no wide scans!)

  • Altris AI analyses the central sector of the retina and does not provide optic nerve analysis

For more accurate results, we kindly ask you to select 6 or 7мм zone (please do not export wide scans up to 12mm).


Heidelberg OCT uses degrees, not mm. Please pay attention on the following equivalent: 1mm ~ 3.3° -> 7mm scan ~ 23,1°

Step 1. Select the desired patient > session and > OCT Data​

Step 2. In the Export panel > Select Export > Select DICOM​

Step 3. Drag and drop your selection to “Export to Drive” or “Export to Drive (anonymized)”​

Step 4. One can check the items ready to export by double-clicking on “Export to Drive” or “Export to Drive (anonymized)”​

Step 5. To export to the local drive > Drag and Drop Drive Icon to the “Output Device” section​

Step 6. A new window will be opened in which one can make/choose the desired folder​

Step 7. Close when the process finished successfully

Step 8. Compress the desired folder​

Step 9. In your account in Altris platform > In patients overview windows > + Add new examination​

Step 10. In a new window > Select DICOM Folder > Then select Patient ID if a patient already existed or checkmark “CREATE A NEW PATIENT FROM A DCOM / DICOM” if there is a new patient.

Step 11. Drag and drop desired zip file to the bottom section of the opened window​

Step 12. After the zip file is added > click “Add examination”​

Step 13. The new patient is added and appeared successfully​

Step 14. And the corresponding data by clicking on the examination​