Main features of the platform

This video is about the main features of the Altris AI platform.

The first main feature is - Severity Detection. It means that scans are classified based on the degree of pathology found. We distinguish: green concern - normal retina, yellow - moderate with slight deviations and red is of high concern and obviously needs to be reviewed further.

- Detection of low-quality scans - the platform detects low-quality scans automatically and warns about the possibility of inaccurate results.

- Retina layer thickness - the system analyzes the thickness of each retina layer or several layers combined.

- Layers segmentation - Altris AI segments 10 retina layers and you can easily explore each one of them.

- Segmentation and Classification of pathological scans. You can see visualized and highlighted pathological areas (so to say areas of interest) and pathology classification that our algorithm detected. You can also calculate the area and volume of detected biomarkers in this tab.

Moreover, you check all scans from the entire examination, including the favorite one, compare both left and right eyes, as well as compare current and older examinations of the same eye in time perspective or track pathology progression.
And last, but not list, you can create a smart report by including all necessary details from the examination, print it, or save it as a pdf.