Altris AI Compliance and Security


Altris AI implemented all necessary security measures to make sure that data uploaded to is protected and secured. These measures mean that an NDA is not required when using Altris AI.

Altris AI models are CE-Marked medical devices according to the Medical Devices Directive 93/42/EEC. Altris AI models are CE-Marked since July 2019. Altris Inc is certified according to ISO13485 Medical Devices Quality Management System.
Altris believes that the client’s data security is the highest priority not only because we process mostly medical data and it is required by law, but also because respecting privacy is pre-built by default in all internal Company processes and policies. Altris encrypts data at rest and in transit via HTTPS protocols and PostgreDB instruments. All Altris software products are GDPR compliant which means data is treated at the highest privacy standards and each user can rest assured that while enjoying Altris SaaS, its privacy rights are protected by all existing means.

All data is anonymized and tokenized when it is sent to the server to be analyzed by the AI so there is no patient data attached to the scan sent to the server. Doctor's and patient’s data, including sensitive medical data, is encrypted. Only authorized users have access to their accounts accordingly, nobody else, including the Altris team, does not have access to users' accounts.