You can monitor the state of the pathology and its change over time to compare the same eye in different time intervals.  It's necessary for patients who have the need for constant monitoring of pathologies progress. The comparison function of Altris AI makes this follow-up control more convenient for you.
Go to the Comparison tab and click “+add examination to compare” button to add a new examination or select from the already uploaded one.
The pop-up window "Add eye’s examination" appears where you can upload an OCT scan, or select from an existing one and finish by clicking the "Add examination" button.
The Comparison tab consists of the following compounds for examination for both the current eye and the older eye examination:

  • Eye type
  • Examination date
  • OCT severity detection map
  • Filter scans by order of severity: all, green, yellow, red - high concern
  • Arrows to change scans
  • Sync scrolling – you can look through current and older examinations of the same eye simultaneously reviewing two exams
  • Quality of scan [N/A - 10]
  • Severity type
  • Central scan button
  • Scan number
  • Selected scan
  • Scan zoom icon (user can review a particular scan in its original size)
  • And you can compare layers' thickness (average, GCC thickness, multiple, single)
  • Retina thickness difference